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Tiramisu is our first and signature product. Because our business came from this product, we named our company after it. After five years, it is still our best seller! 


The sweetness of ripened banana is perfectly combined with the buttery walnut. It is even better when taken with a cup of tea or coffee!


This is consistently one of our most popular cakes. Customers are always pleasantly surprised when we tell them about the low calorie count!


We are used to being told that this cake is too good to be vegan. Try it and see for yourselves!

Chocolate Cheese

How do we come up with the creamy and cheesy taste without using milk, you ask? All we can say is that our commitment in best ingredients and recipe paid off!

Lemon Cheese

We know that mastering no-frill desserts like the lemon cheese cake would be challenging. But we are glad that we've passed the test even by our purist customers’ standards!


We might be stubborn for wanting to use only all-natural ingredients. But our orange cake is a prime example of how natural is always better!

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