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No time for the beach? Our coconut ice cream is made to tide you over until your next tropical vacation.

Dark Chocolate

We made sure that this flavor is irresistible for dark chocolate snobs and all chocolate lovers alike!


To our family, mango is the king of fruits. We made this flavor to convince you, too.


We developed this new flavor from plums picked from our family’s fruit trees. It became an instant hit!


What does “less is more” truly mean when it comes to no artificial coloring and flavors? A bite of our strawberry ice cream is worth a thousand words!

Thai Tea

This flavor came to us from a customer's enthusiastic idea. We developed it and our customers love it. "Customer is King" is still our golden rule.


Vegan tiramisu was the first dessert we developed and it continues to be our pride and joy. When we started to hand craft ice cream, it was a no-brainer that tiramisu should be one of the flavors!


Vanilla can be so under-appreciated. Our foodie family has perfected “plain” vanilla so that it is anything but boring!

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